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Karpacz Tourist Attractions

Karpacz was created in the XII century. It was a gold prospectors’ settlement. First mentions about this mountain’s village can be found in „ Walońskie Books” from the end of XIV century. During The Thirty Years War, it was a shelter for religious fugitives from Czech Republic. Most of the Czech Society dabbles in phytotherapy. Since 1681, due to Saint Lawrence Chapel, Karpacz has become a part of pilgrim’s route. Mountain’s village began to develop and new occupations as a mountain guide or a sedan chair porter appeared. Since that date, mountain tourism developping has begun. Karpacz has grown wealthy.

Due to the efforts of Countess Fryderyka von Reden, Viking Wang Church was brought and up to the present day is its greatest embellishment and attraction. Together with an expansion of the railway at the turn of XIX and XX centuries, Karpacz gained in imortance as a perfect village to do winter sports. At the beginning of XX century first sports competitions were held here and the first ski jumping hill Orlinek, luge track were built. The years of its glory were in the period of Polish People’s Republic. This mountain resort was visited by numerous dignitaries and Polish cinema stars.

What is worth seeing in Karpacz during the summertime?

Śnieżka Peak

Queen of Karkonosze is attractive for tourists in summer. From the polish area the visitors can come with four-person seated chairlift to Kopa Peak and then about 2 hours trip to the top. The peak can be reached by walk as well. Then the blue trail is recommended that begins next to the greatest tourist attraction – Wang Church. The route is cobbled and leads through the most beautiful corners. There are two mountains’ shelters, worth staying for a while. PTTK Samotnia is one of them. It is the oldest mountain shelter in Poland. No doubt, the most beautiful located. It is situated in the Little Pond Pothole, next to its edge. Among multicoloured rocks, the view of navy blue deep is unforgettable. Samotnia is also known for a wooden decor and delicious home made cuisine. Next stop on the road to the top is a shelter PTTK Strzecha Akademicka. It has been intensively modernized recently. It was equipped with sauna and other recreational appliances. The last stop before rocks climbing is a shelter „ Dom Śląski”, which has been adapted to tourists’ needs in the XXI century. The Peak of Śnieżka is located from there 30 minutes by walk.

On the top there is worth visiting Saint Lawrence Chapel, within Czech Republic – the higest located building of post office or arrive in Meteorological Observatory known as „ Plates”. There is a restaurant in lower „plate” reopened since 2018. There is a possibility to enter the top of Śnieżka ( from the territory of Czech Republic ) using gondola cableway. Lower cableway station is located in Pec pod Sněžkou (35 km away from Karpacz). There is a bus stop Bachus (in Karpacz) whence the bus departures to Czech village every day. ID card is neccessairly to cross the Polish-Czech border.

Wang Church

Nordic wooden building that was created with no nail. The church is named for Norwegian village where it was created, Vang. Bought from Norwegians, initially planned to be installed on the Pawia Island in Berlin. Due to the efforts of Countess Fryderyka von Reden the church was brought to Karpacz. Rock-solid belfry was added then to protect church from the wind.

Karkonoski National Park

That’s the beauty of the nature. KPN is a perfect spot for nature lovers and prospectors of the unique vegetal forms.

Wild Waterfall

It is located above „ Biały Jar” Hotel. It was formed itself among the waters of mountain’s Łomnica River. The spring of stream flows out the altitude 1407 m a.s.l., from Large and Little Pond. That’s one of the most beautiful places in Karpacz.

Place of gravitational anomaly

It is popularly called „ Karpaten Bermuda Triangle”, situated next to Strażacka Street. When you put the car in neutral, the vehicule is pulling up. There is a board where you can find the details about the spot.

Dam on Łomnica River

Dam and its picturesque surrounding became one of the most frequently visited places in Karpacz. In the northern part of reservoir there is a restaurant well-known because of dancing and performances of Polish showbusiness stars.

A mill of love

As the legendary says, in place where the little mill is being situated now, there was a real mill. Its water had a magic power. Everyone, who drank the water can count on lucky in love.

Bachus and juridical linden

There is The Old Juridical Inn building from the XVII century in the city center. At present, there is Bachus Restaurant. It used to be a premises of village leader, who led court proceedings and passed a judgement. There is 250-years old linden in the courtyard.

Ski jumping hill Orlinek

Ski jumping hill was built in 1912. At the beginning, it was a wooden one. In 1979 in that place a metal one was built, and in the 2000, the ski jumping hill was thoroughly rebuilt according to existing prerequisites. It received even the approval FIS. Its record was set up in 2004, during Polish Senior Ski Jumping Championship by Adam Małysz, who jumped within 94,5 m.

What to do in Karpacz during the wintertime?

There are numerous attractions in Karpacz that can be found and many winter sports you can take advantage of during the wintertime. That what attracts the guests to Karpacz in wintertime is ski-lifts and ski run well prepared, and the most famous among them are:

Śnieżka Ski Complex:

  • Liczyrzepa Ski Run,,
  • Zbyszek Ski Run,
  • Liczykrupa Ski Run,
  • EURO Ski Run,
  • Grosik Ski Run,
  • Złotówka Ski Run,
  • Jan Ski Run,

Ski lifts situated in the city:

  • Kolorowa Ski Slope,
  • Bambino-Ski Slope,
  • Łosiówka,
  • Lodowiec Ski Slope,
  • Saneczkowa Mountain,
  • Relaks Ski Slope,
  • Magic Carpet,
  • Jumbomatic Ski Slope.

Mountains’ trails

In winter there is a neccessity to check the availability of mountains’ trails before planning an expedition. The majority of them is closed. Despite of that, it’s worth watching the ice or snowy sculptures created by nature while going for a short trip.

Ice rink

There is a syntetic ice rink above „Biały Jar” Hotel open all year with skates rental.

Snowshoes trip

That’s a great attraction for these ones who like novelty and winter challenges. The snowshoes are very popular way of recreation, light trekking for everyone, trendy from several years in France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

Dinghy track and snowtubing

Great fun for the entire family who slides down using special dinghy. There are three tracks in Karpacz for this kind of attractions. Saneczkowa Mountain (Myśliwska Street), Kompleks Żółwik (Szkolna Street), Relaks Ski Slope (2, Wilcza Street).

The interesting places worth seeing in Karpacz during a summertime

Karpacz, there are not only the mountains but numerous attractions in the city and surrounding.

The conqueror’s square

In the center of Karpacz, there is a square with 20 bronze slabs where the shoes’ prints of the greatest Polish Himalayan Mountaineers have been left.

Karkonoskie handcars

In 2000, the railway traffic in Karpacz was closed. Since then, the new initiative of reactivation the handcars. The tracks in Karpacz are situated at the very high altitude and they are very steep what’s an additional attraction.

Golf driving range

Great fun for the entire family. It is open during summertime only and located next to Szkolna Street, one the slope „Pod Wangiem”.

Western City Ścięgny

The real Wild West in Ścięgny (2 km away from Karpacz). There is a Saloon, Sherif’s office, bank, colonial store or post office. For visitors, the gunmen show, Bank robbery and a real rodeo were prepared.

Lower Silesia Monuments miniature Park and Bouncy Castle in Kowary

Visitors can know the greatest monuments of Lower Silesia on a scale 1:25. Palaces, churches, old towns and Śnieżka Peak even are historically accurate. Bouncy Castle is a great attraction for children. Crazy fun on the giant inflatables will give lot of joy. Bouncy Castle is open during summertime only (from June till October).

Podgórze Mine, Kowary

The adits (available for tourists at present), where in the 50’s an uranium was quarried, are located in Kowary – 6 km away from Karpacz. There is a tour-guided visit while the guide tells the adit’s history. Among the drifts you can watch many exhibits, for example: an atomic bomb replica, protective clothing and mining equipment. A little laser show is guarantee. The temperature in the adit is rather low, about 8 degrees Celsius, that’s why warmer outfit is adviced.

„Julia” Glass factory in Piechowice

Glass factory is one of the few crystal glass producers in Poland. Its products are well-known all around the world. The visitors can see the factory, know the production rules and an intricate engraving art. Listen to the factory history and get to know its new achievements. There is a branded shop where the unique chalices, vases, glasses etc. can be bought. During the summer, there are some workshops for children.

Chojnik Castle in Sobieszów

Chojnik Castle has never been conquered. There are only the ruins with tower left after the medieval fortress. In the past, the fortress had never been conquered because of its location - on 150 m high embankment. The legend says there is a possibility to see the ghost of beautiful pricess Kunegunda walking through the battlements.

Winter attractions in Karpacz

Museum of Sports and Tourism

Museum offers its guests the permament and periodic expositions. The exposition of ski collection is the permament one. First exhibit originates from the XIX century. Among the exhibits we can find the sleigh, bobsleigh at the turn of XIX/XX century, skeletons (kind of sleigh) and skibobs. Varied collection concerns the old lab assistants and their activity on the lands of Karpacz. The periodic expositions concern the region and its nature.

Nordic skiing (cross-country skis)

For fans of this popular sport two routes were prepared:

  • track starts next to Stokrotka Resort, at 54 Karkonoska Street. There is prepared ski loop (2500 m length) and the tracks. Next to the track, the ski equipment rental is situated.
  • track starts next to the upper ski lift to Kopa and is joined with the track at the Czech area.The track is marked with the oranges plates, and next to Śląski House you can rent the winter equipment.


Winter attraction for the entire family will be downhill using dinghy through slides carved on purpose. There are three of them. Saneczkowa Mountain (Myśliwska Street), Kompleks Żółwik (Szkolna Street) and Relaks Ski Slope (2, Wilcza Street).

Attractions for children in Karpacz

Museum of Toys in Karpacz

That is a magic place both for young and elder ones. There is one of rare places in Poland that gathered toys collection from all over the world. The exposition presents over 2555 exhibits.

Museum of Technology and Buildings made with LEGO blocks in Karpacz

There are nine rooms, in two-storey building, full of LEGO blocks. Within this exposition the visitors can see the dummers of famous LEGO blocks sets and many individual projects.

Tarzan Rope Park in Karpacz

The persons, who watched a cartoon about little Tarzan, know there is a lot of fun while reaching the trees’ tops. Tarzan Park that’s nothing but tremendous rope downhill, climbing nets, bridges and steps. The park is divided in two routes. Tougher one is called Tarzan’s Jump, and the easier one – called Tarzan’s Walk. For the youngest ones Baby Tarzan route was prepared.

Fairy-tales Park in Karpacz

Park is full of fairy-tales figures. When you stop over fairy-tales houses, you can listen to the famous fables, for example: „Snow Queen”, „Hansel and Gretel”. Fairy-tales Park, that’s a mini park – full of entertainment. There is a Summer Tubing – dinghy track as well.

Museum of Video Games Consoles in Karpacz

Museum is the only one place where an incredible collection of video games consoles that were created within tens years. First one in Poland, the third one in Europe and the fifth one in the World, with such an affluent collection. Besides consoles, you can see here all the games equipment.

Karkonoskie Mysteries in Karpacz

In the city center, there are some undergrounds that lead the tourists towards unrepeatable world of history and Karkonoskie legends. You can search here for a Mountains’ Ghost treasure, walk through magic passage or get to know lab assistant’s secrets.

Parrot House in Karpacz

Parrot House is very interesting attraction in Karpacz. There are the most beautiful representatives of this species gathered on the surface of 200 m². The visitors can feed them with a special food blend that can be bought in cash desk. The parrots are very friendly to the visitors. They eagerly sit on the shoulder and pose for a photo.

Kolorowa Luge Slope

Great fun for the entire family. All-year-round luge track and slide track. The sledges are for two persons, so it is possible to take a kid with.

Dinopark in Szklarska Poręba

You can meet there the „real” Dinosaurs, made on a scale 1:1! Within this area there is a cinema and a large playground. You can eat the real Dinoburger.

Fauna and Flora Park in Mysałkowice

At the dried bottom of the pond, the youngest ones can know the realistic exhibited representatives of regional fauna and flora.

Muzeum Kargula i Pawlaka w Lubomierzu

Who can not remember an iconic comedy „Sami Swoi”? The majority of stages were shoot in nearby Lubomierz. The Museum has gathered the autentic exhibits that were used while making a movie.

Entertainment and events

Karpacz is a location where numerous cyclical, the open air events are organised.

International Polish Skijoering Championship – Devil Energy Cup

„Skijoering” in Scandinavian language means „ski cutting”. An event takes place at the turn of January and February. The main rule of the fun is to pull the skier. At the previous version the horses did that, but with the years, the motobikes, quads and snow scooters substituted the animals.

Rado Race

In the springtime, Karpacz streets change into historical staging from the period of The Second World War.

Liczyrzepa Flavours Festival

That’s the biggest regional cultural and culinary event. In July, karpatian pedestrian area is full of regional specialities and Lower Silesia products.

Saint Lawrence Celebrations

There is People of The Mountains feast. It starts with a Holy Mass that is celebrated in the Chapel at Śnieża Peak.

3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc

Participants have the choice of three routes: mini, midi and ultra one. It was counted, triple run into Śnieżka equals one Mont Blanc height.

Three Nations Tournament

The tournament is the International Women Volley-ball Competitions.

Winter Karkonoski Ultramaraton

It takes place in winter. The route leads on Karkonosze Mountain Ridge from Jakuszyce to Karpacz. It can be traversed within 11 hours (tough conditions).

Jany – Midsummer’s Eve in Waterfalls

Midsummer’s Eve is the time when Karpacz harks back to the tradition of our ancestors. Many attractions like wreath winding, fern flower searching, legends telling and a giant campfire are waiting for the tourists. Local artists’ performances will enjoy the time.

Harley Davidson Enthusiasts Picnic

Every August, Karpacz changes into Harley Davidson Capital. All of them, who love Harley Davidson gather there. There is a Motorbikes Parade that leads through the streets of Karpacz. In the evening, there are the concerts of the biggest Polish Rock Stars.

European Voice and Music Festival

During the Festival you can listen to the opera music, sacred music, or take the children to an interesting performance. Kill the Devil Hill – a course organised in August towards the top of Orlinek Ski Jumping Hill, is a test of runners endurance and physical shape. The route is only 300 m long, but there is a lot of surprises (water reservoirs, landing areas, run from the jumping hill).

„With Egg” Polish Championship

We are talking about the egg? It means Easter is coming. On Easter Monday, there are varied competitions with an egg on the Lodowiec Slope. Everyone can try to throw an egg out or take part in eggs painting workshops.

Everyboard Festival

There is a Festival of various boards. During two-day event, there are over twenty sports competitions, i.a. snowboard, freeboard, skimboard, sandboard and others.

Śnieżka Uphill Race

There are the Bikers Competitions, That’s the only opportunity to ride at the top of Śnieżka by bike and check the skills out.

„With guitar and in ink”

There is one of the greatest Singing Poetry Festival. Previously organised in Borowice. Since 2008, Karpacz welcomes the Festival.

The Avalanche

International run/walk from Śnieżka Peak to Samotnia. Everyone can take part in it. There are no age limits.