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Dam on Łomnica River

Dam was built on Łomnica River that is located next to Konstytucji 3-go Maja Street. The river itself is 20 km inflow of Bóbr River. Its beginning is located in Równia, at the foot of Śnieżka.

Mountain's River

Łomnica is known as one of the most dangerous rivers in Karkonosze. An average drop of its water is 72 per mille, in upper section. However in lower part, the drop is sevenfold lower. In the Middle Ages, Łomnica River attracted the amateurs of gems and gold prospecting.

How was the Dam built?

In 1897 Karpacz was hit with a huge rain. The flood distroyed the bridges, roads and several houses. New constructed railroad embankment was flooded as well. After disaster, the authorities of that time took a decision to regulate Łomnica River bed within anti-flood program. In the years 1910-1915, water barrage system was created in Karpacz. In addition, other water barrages were built to stop river outwash. The Dam has nominal capacity of 540.000 m3. The system worked out during „The Millennium Flood” in 1997.

Amazing landscape

The Dam construction had a good influence to natural environment. I was built with a stony blocks that created a man-made waterfall and pond. An uniqueness of created landscape caused a massive inflow of tourists in this area. Soon, the area around the dam was properly reclaimed. The Alexandrinenbad bath complex was built, coffee bar and shell. The Dam became the place of meetings and relax. There was a possibility to swim in the pond or take advantage of waterbikes and kayak rental offer. In winter, there was an ice rink.

Talsperrenbaude Shelter

While building the Łomnica Dam (in the years 1910 – 1915), a small shelter was built in nearby. The building looked like a restaurant rather then a real shelter. Its capacity – only few beds. Made with wood, perfectly matched the mountain’s landscape. The restaurant was famous because of food, dancing and concerts. After war, the building was passed around. In 1949, it was a base for the participants of Polish Speed Skating Championship that took place by Łomnica Reservoir. During few years, the restaurant was closed. The restaurant was rebuilt and reopened in 2009. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist at present.

Picturesque place

At present, the Dam is a part of red tourist trail, that leads towards Grabowiec. Its treetop, measures 105 m length, became one of Karpacz attractions. Its picturesque surrounding encourages tourists to visit it. It is a perfect place for family walks and beautiful open-air photography workshop. There is a lower station of cableway to Kopa, that is the easiest way to get to Śnieżka.