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Mysteries of Karkonosze

Mysteries of Karkonosze, that’s an unique, mystic journey. Due to modern technology, you can experience with all senses the power concealed in Karkonosze.

Karkonoskie tajemnice

In Mysteries of Karkonosze, you will get not only a lesson of History and Technology but the lesson of life in the mountains ruled with magic and unexplored natural phenomenons.

On 26th of March 2011 during building works in Karpacz, century-old „Kostur” was found, later called Mountains’ Ghost. This discovery brought furore on local community and media.At present, the exhibit is found in Museum of Karkonosze collection in Jelenia Góra.

The creators wanted Mysteries of Karkonosze to become a factor to increase the knowledge of history of Karkonosze and popularize it among local residents and tourists.

Since XVI century, the mountains’ fields were settled by herbalists treating the locals.
The wealth of Karkonosze flora favored the herbalism, so that Karpacz was known for it in across Europe. Karpacz was called even an herbal village, and some of potions developped by lab assistant of Karkonosze, have been practised in an alternative medicine till present.

What can you get to know thanks to an interactive exposition in the undergrounds of Mysteries of Karkonosze? The history of herbalists settled in Karkonosze, the explorers of minerals and natural resources – Walloons, the legends of Mountains’ Ghost and an incredible Mandrake root.

The premises of Mountains’ Ghost is protected with a huge sculpture of Master of Karkonosze. There is a place inside for a mysterious „Kostur”, incredible glassmakers, magic escritoire belonging to Mountains’ Ghost, dragon’s harp with invisible strings, an alchemic chamber of the Four Elements and the collection of the most amazing insects living in Karkonosze surrounding.