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SPA & Wellness

We are oriented to create for our Guests the possibility of complete leisure, a great atmosphere and unforgettable memories . We prepared for you a place where you can get away from the daily reality.

Hotel Spa & Wellness Zone, that’s a perfect choice of various treatments for face and body, some relaxing massages. There are five chambers that were created for you, and high-qualified staff members make you feel pampered, relaxed and balanced. Specialistic treatments, individual tailored, will moisturize, nourish and pamper your skin inch by inch. Furthermore chillout music, attractive interiors and an extraordinary atmosphere make you wish to stay as long as possible.

As part of evening chillin’ we recommend the swimming pool zone and take advantage of relaxing, hydro massage baths (milky or beer one), warm up in one of tree available saunas, swim in hotel intimate swimming pool.

If you wish to relax among your family or friends, we recommend one of two large jacuzzi baths (for four persons each).

That is the only place in Karpacz assuring precious chillout, thanks to which you will regenerate the vitality.

We recommend you our Spa & Wellness Zone with pleasure.

SPA in Karpacz – relax nad chill out

Everyone likes to spend a leisure time in a different ways. Some of us like an active relax. There is no chance to relax without bikes tours, mountains’ climbing or a sightseeing tour. The others prefer spending time on body treatments at hotel SPA. Happily, there is a possibility to have both!

Karpacz offers a various choice of the accommodation for everyone’s needs. If you wish to combine an active relax and SPA treatments offer, choose Dwa Potoki Resort & SPA. It is located in the middle of Karpacz, just 10-minute walk away from its center. Offering wellness zone, fitness, a wide range of treatments is an ideal combination for the active ones and these ones who are looking for a relaxation at the highest level.

SPA is the space where you can regenerate the vitality thanks to beneficent influence of water. The sauna complex, swimming pool, jacuzzi baths affect the mood and health in a generous way. The water soothes, toughens. The SPA is known to be a relaxation zone and skin rebuilding zone. Each hotel offers various packages of face and body treatments or massages.

Dwa Potoki SPA offer

Dwa Potoki Resort & SPA disposes of a wide range of treatments for every skin type. Do you need a relaxation for muscle fatigue? Choose among eight different sorts of massages. Each of them has beneficial features both relaxing and healing. There are the following massages:

Classical massage

Classical massage is the oldest known technic of massage. First massages were performed in the ancient China 3000 years ago. At the beginning, particular emphasis was put on the chillin’ aspect. Afterwards, madical aspect had occured, and„rubbing” and „pressing” were served as the way to heal some diseases. Nowadays, that’s the most popular massage. Classical massage thanks to its technics stimulates cardiovascular system. In one word, the massage speeds up its functioning, so that causes the better oxygenation of the entire body. It calms or stimulates the nervous system. Speeds up the metabolism, so that improves an absorption of the nutrients. Enhances muscle tension and joint mobility. The treatment lightens the mood and stimulates the precipitation of serotonin that is known as „happiness hormone”. The massages tightens skin.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage has arisen in The Middle East. Some people think, this treatment had been practised before acupuncture was brought on. The main idea is a stimulation of the Chakras, the key centres of human body. The ancient Chinese and Hindu medics worked out the detailed maps of key centres location and the channels called the meridian system through which the life-energy known as „qi” flows. The main aim of hot stone massage is to improve and unblock the energy which flows within the body. Hot stone massage is for everybody. This practice helps tired and stressed people to boost their „ batteries”. That is a perfect solution for a spring or autumn blahs. You will see a positive result after first treatment. Healthy dream will be back, despondence and sadness will go away. The body will be up and well running.

Relaxing aromatherapy massage

Massage with the essential oils is one of the most popular type of massages. That is a combination of relaxation and calm. Mix of relaxing technics and aroma appeases pain, rebalaces energy levels, tempers anxiety, reduces stress. It is recommended particularly for all those who are overworked, having no time for relax long enough or physical activity. Among many aromas, the most beneficial effect have:

  • lemon oil – refreshes and stimulates the vitality, reduces an hypertension, anxiety, nervous tensions, rheumatism, arthritis, varicose veins and skin inflammation.
  • rose oil – calms, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, strenghtens blood vessels, regenerates and moisturizes skin. It is invaluable for alleviation migrene, PMS, nauseas or exhaustion. Increases energy level and improves mood.

Chocolate massage

Chocolate massage relaxes strongly and regenerates. Corrects the skin coloring, accelerates blood circulation and fat burning. Chocolate, that’s a plenty of lipids, vitamins (B, A, E) and magnesium. It is a rich source of antioxidants that remove free radicals, working against the premature aging body this way. It has a therapeutic properties, too. Reduces stress, improve mood visibly, mellows intensively. Recoveres the balance between body and mind.

Relax at Dwa Potoki Resort

Dwa Potoki Resort & SPA prepared a varied offer of face treatments. Every woman will choose anything for herself. There is a cosmetic consultation before each treatment. The Spa offer is adjusted to every skin type. The perfect treatment for dehydrated and dry skin which needs hydration and nourishing, is Hydra dew or Face Vital. The offer contains also moisturizing treatment with active hyaluronic acid, Hyaluronic active. For the first signs of getting older, there are Hydra 4 and Arnica treatments that affects generously skin capillaries. There are only few of Dwa Potoki Resort &SPA suggestions. In addition, there are the algae masks, therapeutic baths, stimulating peeling, feet and plams care.

Dwa Potoki Resort & SPA encourages to take advantage of various offer body treatments based on Organic line natural products. There are the following treatments: nourishing treatment with Shea butter preceded by peeling, cleansing treatment based on algae and therapeutic mud - The Dead Sea or an anti-aging ritual Grape Paradise. For all those who are looking for a body rejuvenation, we prepared the treatments with the use of SPA capsule.

The varied offer of SPA treatments, professional service and personalized, individualized approach for every guest guarantee the rejuvenation both body and soul.