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Face Treatments

Face treatments - 50 minutes

Hydra Dew
160 PLN
50 minutes

Deep moisturizing treatment

140 PLN
50 minutes

Couperose skin treatment

Face Vital
140 PLN
50 minutes

Nutritive treatment

T-zone Blance
160 PLN
50 minutes

Cleansing treatment

For Men
140 PLN
50 minutes

Energizing treatment
for men

Pearls and Golds
180 PLN
50 minutes

Mature skin firming

Face treatmens - 70 minutes

4 Layer
180 PLN
70 minutes

Nutritive and skin
firming treatment

160 PLN
70 minutes

Cavitation mask with algae mask
and face massage for
every skin type

Ultrasonic skin
cavitation peeling
160 PLN
70 minutes

Sonophoresis and algae mask
for every skin type

  • Hydra dew – deeply moisturizing treatment for dry, dehydrated skin. Both nourishes, hydrates, regenerates and balances the skin. Treatment includes Laminaria Digitata algae, coconut oil and acai berry.
  • T-zone Balance - normalizing treatment for oily and mixed skin. It boosts the removal of toxins from the skin, refreshes, cleanses and improves cardiovascular system. Treatment based on the complex of Laminaria algae, lactic acid and rose extract.
  • For Men - energizing treatment for men soothing irritation after shaving. Active ingredients used in the treatment iclude allantoin, extract of licorice root, aloe and panthenol. After treatment skin is refresed and regenerated.
  • Pearls and Golds - firming treatment for mature skin using a face mask based on colloidal gold. This treatment improves density and strengthens the structure of the skin. It also smoothes fine wrinkles and gives a radiant, radiant complexion.
  • 4 layer Facial - treatment for the first signs of aging skin. For all types (even sensitive and couperose), anti-wrinkle cream on the skin deeply nourishes, moisturizes and balances the skin, thanks to the content of organic algae and plant extracts, and the addition of natural hyaluronic acid will ensure long-lasting hydration and smoothes small wrinkles.
  • Cavitation mask with algae mask and face massage - skin treatment by ultrasonic peeling. In addition to exfolation, ultrasonic vibrations, enriched with micromassage, improve microcirculation and oxygenate the skin. Algae mask combined with relaxing face massage brings relief and regeneration.
  • Ultrasonic skin cavitation peeling + sonophoresis + algae mask - Sonophoresis is the introduction into the skin of various active ingredients. This treatment is preceded by cleansing using ultrasonic peeling so that the ingredients are well absorbed.